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A Small Brewery with a Big Reputation.


The Story of Cellar West

Cellar West founder & brewer Zach Nichols began his beer journey in 2009 while working at a small bottle shop in his native Madison, Wisconsin, and later took the brewing reins at a small brewpub in the midwest countryside. Here, he learned to craft traditional lager and eccentric Belgian farmhouse ales. In 2012 Zach's wife, Rachael, lead him to the Front Range where he spent several years working in the Colorado brewing industry, including a stint in the world of mead-making. In December of 2016, their longstanding dream of a small, artisanal beer company was brought to life in a little garage space in North Boulder. There, nestled at the base of the foothills, Rachael and Zach founded Cellar West Artisan Ales. After 2 years in Boulder, it was time to add more space for seating and barrels, along with an expanded brewhouse and packaging. An 11 mile move would land Cellar West in nearby Lafayette, Colorado. Opened in 2018, and still our home today.

Proudly Crafted in Boulder County since 2016


The founding inspiration behind Cellar West was to bring the same storied Farmhouse Ale tradition we fell in love with in Belgium to America. Farmhouse Ale is not any single style of beer. Originating in South Belgium (Wallonia), this family of ales was first brewed on small farms using local ingredients. Made during the winter and enjoyed by farm workers during the warmer months, these beers tended to be modest in strength but quite characterful. Farmhouse Ales are known for their effervescence, nuanced flavors, enticing yeast character, and pleasantly dry finish. Every traditional Farmhouse Ale brewer developed his or her own “house character,” just as we have at Cellar West Artisan Ales. We've long been inspired by our friends at Belgian Farmhouse breweries such as Brasserie Fantôme, Brasserie de Blaugies, & Brasserie Dupont, among others.

As the years have gone by, we've expanded our offerings with an additional focus on rustic lagers and a small collection of classically styled hoppy beers, both of which have been received to much acclaim.

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