Legend tells of an ol' East County way-post where horse driven cattlemen & cowgirls, weary from distant travels and distorted from the high desert sun & Mexican sinsemilla, settle down for a hot meal and cold ale. Its said that during a lively night of imbibement and story trading at the cafe, the ol' proprietor shared his tale of how the mysterious cookhouse came to be.


While on a fortune-seeking expedition from the midwest to the Rockies, a swirling dust storm in east Colorado turned the wayfarer into a tizzy. As the dust finally fell to the goldenrods, he had become lost - and now tired and hungry. Hours turned to a day, then two, as the man and his burro wandered to the edge of survival. That night on death's door, as he said his prayers and recalled finer days, the man's attention was grabbed by a shadow in the distance, illuminated by the indigo moonlight. The silhouette of a small coyote cast on the rocks, and spellbound as it began to move on, the man and his burro followed in delirious curiosity. Through the twilight he chased the wiley shadow as it jumped from riverbeds to treelines to standing stones, and although the journeyer grew worn as the stars crossed the midnight sky, he followed on.


Much later, thirst overcame the man and he finally fell to his knees. The coyote's shadow paused, beginning to fade into the rising meadow sun. There, at the foot of the shadow, the man noticed a sight that nearly took his waning breath away. Beds of fresh green vegetables sprawled over the rocky landscape. Behemoth plants of juicy tomatoes & yellow peppers burst through the hard and dusty earth. Edible cacti grew in multitudes below lush fruit trees along a desert spring. The starlit coyote had led him to a high plains oasis, and he and his burro began to have their fill. The sun broke in the distance and the traveler, now gratefully full, counted his blessings and made a promise to the land - a promise to maintain the fertil oasis, to farm the area and feed hungry, tired trailblazers.


Over the years he and his burro cared for the place and continued to grow crops, eventually raising cattle and chickens on the estate. With his bounty he cooked wonderful food for each passersby, and the man's parcel & small kitchen began to grow a reputation. Nowadays, Colorado prairie ramblers come from near and far to dine at the Cosmic Coyote.